Though Zach Galifianakis is sitting on a comfy couch at the Ritz Carlton, discussing his latest blockbuster film, he says his future plans involve, primarily … Arby’s.

As the first schlubby comedian to earn major box office points since Seth Rogen, Galifianakis is having quite a summer: First, with the success of bro-comedy The Hangover, and then with Disney’s part live-action, part animation film, G-Force — which opens next week.

Galifianakis plays scientist Ben, who has trained four guinea pigs to become secret government agents.

As much as you’d think that premise is the stuff of one of his skits on, this is a squeaky clean family film.

But that doesn’t stop Galifianakis from adding his own irreverent edge to promoting the film.

How did you prepare to act with animated guinea pigs?
I went to a lot of pet shops and tried to talk to guinea pigs and get them to talk back. That failed. Then, I went to New Guinea where that is a delicacy and I ate a lot of them. I got their souls in my body.

Has working on G-Force helped you with your own comedy?
I’ll probably just tour with huge guys in guinea pig outfits. It would be so funny if I turned crazy if I could never get off this guinea pig thing. They’ll be like, ‘Yeah he hangs out with guinea pigs and the California Raisins and McGruff the crime dog now.’

With this and The Hangover, you’re having an excellent summer. What would complete it?
I could use a foot massage.

What have you planned to do after this?
I was going to go Arby’s. Then, I have a TV show for HBO that’s finished and then I’ll hopefully work on a road trip film.

Wow, it sounds like you’re on the way to owning a gold-gilded toilet seat.
That’s always been my dream, but the whole apparatus should be gold. And I want a fancy car with a chandelier in it. Actually, I don’t spend money on anything so nothing will change. I’ll throw it away somehow.