Party people looking for something to do tonight that doesn’t involve sweaty clubs or Top 40 hits can add FUSE to their list of options.

The 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. event, put on by the Vancouver Art Gallery, will amalgamate art, music and other various performances to create a more civilized take on the all-night party.

Music will include Vancouver-based hip-hop artist Arowbe and art will include KRAZY!, the anime, cartoon and comic exhibition that has generated substantial buzz recently. Other performances will include Indonesian shadow puppetry, theatre and a “12-hour gallery-wide mystery (that will) unfold in the exhibition spaces.”


While the VAG has put on the culture-rich event many times since its July 2005 inception, this is only the second time that it has run all night.

Last year’s FUSE event brought in nearly 3,000 people and because of an expanded program, the VAG’s director of marketing and communications Dana Sullivant expects an even bigger turnout this year.
Admission is $19.50 for the general public and free for gallery members.

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