G-Fore golf gloves inject style, color to game

Spice up your look on the course with this Mossimo designed accessory.

The golf glove, long seen as nothing more than protection from blisters and enabler of the famous pale-hand golfer's tan, is getting an injection of color.


With the latest push of golf into the world of style, white belts and shirts slightly too tight for anyone who isn't playing on Tour, world-renowned fashion designer and avid golfer Mossimo Gianulli (the name behind the Mossimo brand) has created the G/Fore line of golf gloves.


Traditionally you'd have two choices in the glove aisle: white or black. Sometimes you'd find a random blue glove, and your grandmother might have worn a pink one. But today's golfer wants to spice it up, and if there's a color you can think of, G/Fore has it, ranging from gray to red. Of course in the world of fashion, blue isn't just blue, so you can choose from azure, sky or aqua. Want pink? Well choose between blush and blossom (yes, both come in men's sizes). And if you don't think that the lavender will go with that pair of slacks, then maybe the darker wisteria will fit the bill.


If you're afraid these are a novelty item, rest easy. They're made from premium AA cabretta leather you'd expect from traditional premium glove brands. According to G/Fore, their gloves are precision cut and
embroidered with patch detailing to ensure levels of quality and fit
that have earned rave reviews from elite players like Kathleen Ekey,
Ricky Barnes and Alex Cejka.


The gloves retail for $35 and are available online directly through G/Fore's site. And if one of their bright models won't work for you, they include black among their 18 colors. Oops, I meant onyx.

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