Hundreds of people facing G20-related charges flooded a local courthouse for co-ordinated appearances yesterday, though several showed up only to find their charges were withdrawn.

Police say with 303 people scheduled to appear it was one of the largest mass court appearances the city has ever seen.

The hundreds of accused were spread over three small courtrooms, where they crammed onto benches, but there were still long lineups snaking through the hallways as people waited to be called.

Once people were before the court their cases were dealt with briskly in one courtroom, but much slower in another. Many were adjourned to dates in September and October, and other appearances were quickly over with one word from the Crown attorney: “Withdrawn.”

Robert Gamble, who had his disturbing the peace charge dropped, said he shouldn’t have been charged at all.

Gamble said he was arrested June 27 outside a friend’s house in downtown Toronto after yelling, “Arrest the war criminals. Investigate 9-11,” at a group of passing police officers.

“I’m upset that it was laid in the first place,” he said.