Dear Lady Gaga,

I will read my letter to you.

I just can’t believe that this dream became reality. It’s like Tinkerbell’s magical dust sprinkled all over me. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me strength, the power of self respect, for your love, creativity and passionate, fashionable work. We weren’t the best fans in the world without you Gaga. You made us believe in ourselves and never give up.

I feel so blessed and honoured that you chose me as your editorial assistant today, of all those little monsters across the galaxy. Yes, I think you do have admirers from outer space. I prayed every day and made a wish when I saw a shooting star on the perfect night with my friends.

You’re a big glittering star shining down on us, inspiring children and insecure individuals to be themselves. To fight against AIDS, and for human rights, full equality, without forgetting the devastating forces of nature (Japan). You truly deserve the title, Warrior Queen.

There are so many dreams I hope to accomplish one day. I study Graphic Design in Holland and this is my graduation year. A while ago, I was rejected at an arts academy because they said I was too good for them. It made me feel like I did not belong in this industry, although it was meant as a compliment. They said that I had to apply to a company or a brand. And now I only have three weeks to apply before summer vacation starts. Otherwise I have no job or education for a year.

One of my biggest dreams ever is to work for you, Gaga. It’s so unreal that I feel guilty asking you. I know it’s a lot to ask but I remember what you said and it inspired me so much to work even harder at school, to become even greater!


We should always start at the bottom and do whatever it takes to climb that mountain. Scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets, doing the dishes, removing cobwebs, etc. I’ll do what it takes to be a great artistic graphic designer for a lady like you.

Do you remember Pieter Henket? The photographer who shot The Fame album cover?

I interviewed him for my school magazine and he told me all about you. He said to always look ahead and love the mud you’re in. Because it’s always hard work! It made me even more excited to tell you this. So, who knows, maybe you can use me as your intern someday?

The cover designs of the Born This Way album are true perfection. I’ve never seen anything like it. Nick Knight is so awesome. I love your taste, Gaga. Today, I’m going to put the utmost care into being your little assistant. I will be strong and I’m not going to disappoint you. I say, let’s make some magic baby!

But I have a few gifts for you. A few from myself and one from a friend of mine. The first is the illustration above, which I drew.

Enjoy. Much love xxoo Jeroen Engelen