Ross Penhall, left, and Tiko Kerr are both part of Winsor Gallery’s new exhibit and space which features 6,000 square feet of artful eye candy. Exhibit runs until July 15th.


I always feel lucky after a week of gala events like this, but not because of the fancy food, wine and celebrity friends. These events, and the people who run them, remind me how much I have to be thankful for. Wendy Cocchia and her Women’s Media Golf Tournament have helped special needs kids every year for 20 years. Easter Armas created A Loving Spoonful back in 1989 to help feed homebound and hungry HIV/AIDS patients. And fundraiser Diana Zoppa has helped put the Vancouver Police Department, drug addiction and the Odd Squad Gala on the map since 1999. All I did was show up to take photos. But ladies, I raise my glass in salute to you, and all you do, to remind us all how precious life really is.

Entertainer and impersonator Tracey Bell, who often looks like Liza, Cher or Marilyn, decides to be herself to support friend and event chair David Gouge at the Project Empty Bowl Gala and Loving Spoonful fundraiser.

A Loving Spoonful founder Easter Armas alongside event planner Michel Nadeau at the Project Empty Bowl Gala.

CFUN 1410 AM radio’s Jennifer Thomson and CTV weatherman Marke Driesschen pair up at the Women’s Media Golf banquet.

Musician Aaron Chapman, left, joins Odd Squad Gala PR gal Alison Cunningham and Al Arsenault, president of Odd Squad Productions Society and a Vancouver Police veteran, at the Through a Blue Wall 2007 gala.

Helping raise money for special needs kids at the Women’s Media Golf banquet are Global TV news anchor Jill Krop, left, and Citytv’s Tasha Chiu.

Century Plaza Hotel/Abso-lute Spa co-owner and tournament organizer Wendy Cocchia receives high praise from Premier Gordon Campbell on the 20th anniversary of the Women’s Media Golf Tournament.

CTV’s Dr. Rhonda Low, left, and Gourmet Warehouse’s media/ foodie gal Caren McSherry at the Women’s Media Golf banquet.

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