Fine art isn’t just for adults — at least not at the Vancouver Art Gallery this weekend.

The venue is holding the second of a series of three Family Fuse weekends, a massive kid-oriented art event themed in relationship to the gallery’s current exhibits that features around 20 activities and performances.

Heidi Reitmaier, curator of public programs and education at the gallery, said this weekend’s event is the Green World, which mirrors the Expanding Horizons and Scott McFarland exhibits that focus on landscape and nature.

“We have invited musicians, dancers and animators to give a contemporary and interdisciplinary twist to the arts,” said Reitmaier.

Kids will able to explore an imaginary forest, hunt for mythical creatures in landscape paintings and create their own take-home masterpieces.

Sound artists will lead children in creating and recording an ambient soundtrack to their own stop-animation workshop, while lighting and set designers will create a forest environment using shadows and projection.

“We’re trying to help kids realize these things aren’t stuck in history and that art is moving and alive,” said Reitmaier. “And that they can participate in it.”

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