No other food can smell so bad, but taste so good.

That’s why Sorrentinto’s is kicking off its 19th annual Garlic Festival in Edmonton, when it celebrates a unique ingredient that’s super pungent, yet super tasty.

Each of the six Sorrentinto’s locations in the Capital Region will offer up a unique garlic menu between April 1 and May 7. That’s over 150 dishes to choose from — everything from appetizers to desserts, say organizers.

Yes, garlic can be used in desserts, says Scott Kim, a CEO for Black Garlic — a California-based company that produces black garlic.

The company produces the black garlic by heating fresh white garlic to 290 C. Once the pots are heated, Kim says the pots are buried in the ground where the garlic ferments and cools over 21 days.

“This offers a unique flavour,” says Kim. “Chefs love the flavour as it offers a very unique, fruity, and sweet taste.”

Kim says the fermentation doubles the antioxidants in the herbal root and gets rid of the infamous, yet pungent smell.

But it doesn’t come cheap, says Kim. Black garlic retails for roughly $5 an ounce or $76 per pound.

Money raised from Sorrentinto’s Garlic Festival will go towards prostate cancer research through the Royal Alexandra Hospital, the University Hospital and the Alberta Cancer foundations.

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