Bruce Fage is becoming increasingly frustrated with a gas pricing system he believes simply isn’t working.

Even more aggravating, he says, is that the government is doing nothing to level the playing field with New Brunswick.

“I can’t help but be frustrated with this,” said Fage, who operates a Shell gas station in the Amherst area. “We did no business at all over the weekend. What we got was peanuts.”

Volumes at Fage’s gas station, like many of those in the Amherst area, have been dropping for months. That drop worsened late last week when a 10-cent price difference emerged after Nova Scotia increased its price for self-serve regular gasoline to $1.11 while the price in New Brunswick only rose to $1.01.

Fage unsuccessfully asked the province earlier this fall to create a special tax zone between Amherst and Oxford that would equal the price of gas in the area to that of New Brunswick for 60 days.

“If the government’s not going to do something then they should scrap the regulation and see if the gas companies do something to level it,” he said.