Sea Monstr Sushi
55 Powell St.

Rating: ** 1/2
Reservations: No
Take-out: Not yet

It was like the time I watched Finding Forrester. Ebert and Roeper had given the flick two thumbs up. There was even Oscar buzz. But, somehow, I didn’t get it.

The anticipation surrounding Sea Monstr Sushi’s recent opening was, in fact, monstrous. They claim to “destroy hunger,” although, upon visiting, the only thing crushed was my dream of exciting Japanese food in Gastown.

My server recommended the Spicy Tuna Maki ($4.50) because of its unique spicy sauce, adventurously made without sriracha. The poorly crafted rolls arrived 25 minutes later, a tadpole-sized portion of premium tuna cowering alongside crisp radish sprouts inside the nori. The tangy sauce, however, did have bite.

Similar story with the Real Crab California Maki ($9), containing ripe avocado and fresh tobiko. Albeit excellent quality, the sushi was forgettable.

The meal’s high note was a rich and chilled sesame paste-seasoned Spinach Gomaae ($3).

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