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John Mews, right, McKenzie McMillan, Micah Gilbert, Wayne Wallington and Kurt Erhart, are looking to make an impression with judges in Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model.

If you’ve ever wondered which would be more catty —the all-girl top model series or a gay male version, you’ll soon find out.

On Jan. 20, auditions will be held to choose 12 finalists for Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model, a fundraising show for Vancouver charity Friends For Life.

The winner gets, among other things, the cover of Outlook magazine and the chance to represent Vancouver in Mr. Gay Canada.

But five of the show’s 80 applicants say it’s not their style or looks that will make them fierce competition — it’s their personalities.

Micah Gilbert, 24, said there will likely be some cattiness in the show, but he measures his success in how he interacts with those around him.

“If (I’m) not having fun anymore, then there’s no point,” he said. “(The show) is for a good cause … And I never got to be prom queen. This is my gay chance.”

McKenzie McMillan, 22, said he thinks the contestants will realize they “don’t need to tear people down to make themselves look better.”

Another applicant, John Mews, 30, said it’s ironic all the men unflinchingly placed personality over appearance given that mainstream perceptions of the gay community is that it’s superficial.


Registration open

  • The final event will be a live on-stage show at Celebrities Nightclub on March 8. A panel of celebrity judges will choose the winner.

  • Registration is open until Jan. 11. For more information visit www.gaytopmodel.com.

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