Prominent Canadians called on Ottawa to demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza in the face of Israel’s “war crimes” as others planned to rally nationwide Thursday in support of Israelis who have been “paralyzed” for years by Hamas missile strikes.

Internationally acclaimed concert pianist Anton Kuerti said the “servile” way Ottawa is supporting the U.S. position angers him.

“The unbelievable war crimes that Israel is committing in Gaza ... it makes me ashamed to be a Jew,” Kuerti said at the Toronto news conference.

Meanwhile, rallies were planned yesterday in Toronto, Montreal, London, Hamilton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax to show support for Israelis “paralyzed by thousands of Hamas missiles from Gaza,” organizers said.

B’nai Brith Canada, meanwhile, issued an alert yesterday advising Jewish community institutions to ensure all security measures are in place after it noticed a nationwide spike in attacks against them in the wake of the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Demanding ceasefire

Among those demanding an immediate ceasefire at the press conference included law professor Michael Mandel, research physicist Ursula Franklin and was led by David Orchard, who twice ran for the leadership of the former Progressive Conservatives and is not Jewish.

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