Workout Wear
You know you made a new year’s resolution to workout more and eat less, so motivate yourself by going out and buying a couple of items for the gym. If you like to cover up, here are three great looks for indoor or outdoor workouts. When you’re out shopping for motivation, look for details in the clothing like all-around 360 reflectors for night time running. For shirts, make sure there is a bit of ribbing so that the shirt falls away from your body.

Running Shoes
There are three things to look out for when buying a proper running shoe: The first is to buy a shoe that fits your proper arch type, the second is to make sure the shoe is at least a half size bigger than your regular street shoe (this is to compensate for the swelling of your feet as they heat up) and the third is to make sure you can run with comfort (so sufficient cushioning is needed). Retailer’s note that the rule of “breaking in a shoe” does not apply for workout shoes.

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Ask Kim
Q. I prefer running outside as oppose to treadmills, but I dread when it rains because I can’t stand it when my feet and socks get wet. What do you suggest I do to fix this problem?

A. Running shoes are primarily made out of mesh materials to make the shoe lighter, but I suggest looking for outdoor trainers that have a Gore-Tex lining (some actually say that on the shoe) to help keep the moisture out.

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