During a recent summertime hot-spell, I visited a local creamery for a giant ice-cream cone. While my artery-clogging snack was being prepared, I didn’t notice the crowd gathering in the parking lot around the electric blue 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T I drove there.

Turns out this was the wrong car to try and eat an ice cream beside. The dozen or so folks standing around had plenty of questions — and my treat turned into a drippy mess before I could answer them all.

If you want the scoop on the Genesis Coupe, please read this FAQ. That way, other Genesis drivers can enjoy their summertime ice-cream in peace.

Ever sexy. Is that really a Hyundai?
It is indeed! In fact, it’s probably the sexiest car Korea’s ever built. It’s a real looker — very wide, low, menacing, and detailed, with a fantastic stance.

You can get a V8 in this, right?
No, that’s the Genesis Sedan. The four-door comes with a 280 horsepower V6 or a 375 horsepower V8. Both are automatic.

The Coupe gets a 2.0 litre four cylinder “world” engine with a turbocharger, good for 210 horsepower. There’s a 3.8 litre V6 with 306 horsepower available. Both can be had in automatic or six-speed manual.

How’s it go?
Not bad at all. The turbo four cylinder is a decent entry-level engine, though it’s far from a head-pinning drag racer. Just don’t go picking on your buddy with the Mustang GT.

The four cylinder unit is very responsive coming out of a light, and the turbo works nicely to increase responsiveness when cruising at a good highway clip too. Unfortunately, the engine is no pinnacle of refinement.

Is that rear-wheel drive?
Yes! If you’re looking for an affordable rear-drive sport compact with a back seat, it’s one of your few options.

Rear-drive is a novelty in this market as much as it’s a very real criteria for some shoppers. It has benefits in handling and performance potential.

What’s the interior like?
Hyundai’s created a genuine coupe cockpit in here. It’s nice to look at, driver-centric without being crowded, and surprisingly roomy. The wide body means plenty of knee and shoulder room, and the back seats can actually be used by human beings.

What about the handling?
A nice balance between sportiness and comfort, though not quite an ultra-precise asphalt scalpel. The Genesis rides commendably and delivers the feel of balance and sharpness that attracts enthusiasts to rear-drive cars.

Do you like it?

Yes! But it’s not perfect. The trunk opening is small, the rearward visibility is somewhat limited, and the turning circle is pretty clumsy. Also, the engine sound starts to invade the cabin at higher speeds.

OMG, I like, totally want one. How much?
With the four-cylinder, pricing starts at $24,495.

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
Type: Two-door sport coupe
Price: from $24,995
Engine: 2.0L four cylinder/3.8L V6
HP: 210/306

• Sexy looks
• Affordable
• Rear drive

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