Gerard Butler says he expects Jennifer Aniston romance rumours to continue well after their new comedy The Bounty Hunter opens Friday, reports.

“It will never be over. If Jen remains my friend, which I hope she will, anytime we would ever hang out in any way will be dating again,” he told USA Today at the film’s NYC premiere Tuesday.

At the movie’s London premiere last week, Aniston, 41, told BBC News that she and Butler, 40, had a “good, fortunate time” shooting.

“We clicked,” she said. “It was just easy. There was no kind of pretension to break through. We were instantly like, ‘Yeah, I like you!’”

Butler said his friends were jealous that he got to work so closely with the actress, with whom he also gets cozy on the April cover of W magazine.

“I don’t think I have to tell you what my friends said when I was working with Jen Aniston,” he told BBC News.

“People love her. She’s sexy. She’s beautiful. My friends hate me that I get to (work with her), and they don’t.”