Fraudsters stole more than $400,000 from Ricky Gervais using a photo of his Office character, reports.

The British funnyman has revealed criminals took the huge amount of money from his bank account and tried to buy gold with it after creating a fake identity card in his name using the picture of geeky office manager David Brent — which had been cut out from the cover sleeve of a DVD box set.

The 48-year-old star was telephoned by concerned bank staff who asked for his permission to contact police, and was later visited by an officer after the fraudsters were arrested.

“I said, ‘How did they think they were going to get away with it?’” Gervais said.

“He said, ‘They normally get a passport from either a dead man or steal one and replace it with your details and your picture.’ The CID man started smirking, so I went, ‘What?' And he showed me this passport.’

“I tell you what, we were laughing for ten minutes.”