Special Section: Learning Curve

In less than a month, it’s back to the books. So why not try to squeeze in a couple more leisure, albeit educational, reads before cram time arrives? Here are a few that will get you thinking about how to better prepare yourself for what lies ahead.


Don’t Bitch Just Get Rich

By Toney Fitzgerald


According to author Toney Fitzgerald, bitching breeds bitching. So the goal in his newest book, Don’t Bitch Just Get Rich, is to help readers transform from the Bitch Matrix, where money has power and control over you, to the Rich Matrix where you learn to stop blaming yourself and others and instead take responsibility for your life.

Throughout the book, you follow Fitzgerald as he leads seven ordinary, yet diverse people through his personal development course. His fundamental rule teaches you how to kick-start the change process and find your passion. Near the end of the book you will find the “Rulebook of the Rich,” parts one and two, which illustrate 21 rules to achieving financial success, including recognizing the differences between a network and friends, money and emotion and the belief that everything is negotiable and saleable.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder in High Heels

By Kathleen Archambeau


It’s the question that’s been on females’ minds ever since the Women’s Movement — is it possible to have it all? Kathleen Archambeau thinks so. In this book, she examines 12 traditional female roles, from the soccer mom to the cheerleader, pointing out the important and transferable skills women acquire through these different personas.

What’s more is that Archambeau’s approach is about playing fair. She doesn’t advocate the aggressive “boys club” mentality, but rather arms women with the information and advice needed to properly assert themselves to ensure they get what they deserve … even by asking nicely.

You’ve Got the Interview Now What?: Fortune 500 Hiring Professionals Tell You How To Get Hired

By Brenda Greene


Job interviews are stressful. Adding to that stress is the increase of corporate downsizing and the amount of talent, qualified professionals in today’s workforce. But what if you could get into the minds of those doing the hiring? What if you could find out exactly what they are looking for in an applicant? Brenda Greene has done just that with You’ve Got the Interview Now What?, her recent follow-up to Get the Interview Every Time. In it she shares research from surveys done with Fortune 500 hiring managers and human resource executives. The result is a collection of advice that ranges from research and preparation exercises to descriptions of the most sought-after skills with questions to help you determine whether you possess them. The book also lists 25 “Fortune 500 Questions” and gives you sample replies on how to answer each (with references to different professions). Lastly, it delivers tips on how to negotiate “the offer” and what kind of details and variables need to be considered.