Mayoral candidate George Smitherman wants councillors on the Toronto Transit Commission to “get a grip on reality,” and scrap plans for a transit museum and a new headquarters at York Mills Road and Yonge Street.

Today, the TTC is expected to approve a plan to set up a non-profit board that would raise funds for a 1,735-square-metre transit interpretive centre. The museum would probably be housed in the TTC’s proposed new York Mills headquarters, also expected to be approved today.

Transit commissioners are expected to approve a further $238,000 for consulting and engineering work, to look at other potential sites such as an old bus garage on Danforth Avenue that has since been deemed unsuitable.

“The priorities I hear about are state-of-good repair and disgusting state of cleanliness and inconsistency in terms of the attitudes that are coming back from staff,” he said.

“Rather than blowing our brains out on a study for a museum, maybe they should keep those dollars in abeyance as part of the response to the (customer service) panel’s work.”