If you’re free Saturdays mornings and fancy a bit of down-hill skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, curling, rock climbing, racquetball, geocaching or nordic walking, a girls-only club in Halifax called Women on the Go may be designed for you.

The HRM Rec program meets for six Saturdays starting April 10, usually from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., to take off on a wild range of adventures in athletics. Virginia Jauregui works at St. Andrews Centre on Bayers Road, where the program is based. She says it’s open to women age 18 and up (it attracts women well into their 60s) and all the ladies need is the right attitude. The course costs $48 for the six classes, with extra fees applying for rental costs and admission.

“It’s a variety of different sport activities,” Jauregui says. “It gives the women an opportunity to experience different things that they probably never have and they do it as a group, so it’s also social.”

Jauregui says Women on the Go takes a maximum of 25 people and that most Saturdays attract about 15 ladies. The program has one woman, Maureen Kennedy, who acts as the guide and organizes all of the bookings for the events. Each Saturday she introduces the women to the expert in that day’s event. Many women turn up with absolutely no experience at the sport, so the program starts with the basics.

“They don’t need any experience. It’s pretty much entry level,” Jauregui says. Every week starts from scratch, so women need only attend the classes they’re interested in and can take a week off if they don’t want to try a particular activity or if they just get too busy one week. Register at www.halifax.ca/rec.