No trip is complete without the neccessary provisions. We found a few things to make your trip easier.

Sea To Summit pocket towel
$9 to $15
So it’s a small towel right – big deal? Well, yes, but it’s really really really small. The pouch it squeezes into can fit into your jeans pocket yet because of its awfully scientific microfiber make-up it does a pretty good job of getting you dry.

Anti-bacterial paper soap
Lighten the load a little and take paper soap with you when you travel. The little plastic case measures only 4.5 cm x 6.5cm and contains 30 sheets of antibacterial soap. Simply remove a sheet from the pack, add water and lather away. The paper soap pack doesn't contain liquid, so can be carried in hand luggage on flights and weighs very little. Mint and eucalyptus fragrance.
Sea To Summit Siliconized Cordura Tarp-Poncho
Slightly weird-looking but dead handy all-in-one raincoat/tarp/pack cover/groundsheet. Seriously.

It’s made from super lightweight and waterproof Ultra-Sil fabric — which is obviously impervious to water — and the seams are securely taped to prevent seepage and it does seem to be made to a very high standard.

It will usually be used as a rain poncho with an ergonomic three-panel hood with generous brim to keep the rain off your face (and your glasses), and it’s comfortably big enough to cover all but the most ridiculously huge packs.

But it can also be used as a groundsheet and, the makers claim, as an emergency shelter in its own right. The bottom corners feature guy rope attachment points but just how you would use it require some creative thinking.