From zipping and rolling, to sliding and climbing, the new Adventure Park at Horseshoe Resort is giving visitors the opportunity to experience all kinds of action this summer.

The park is part of a $4.25-million investment that Horseshoe, located just north of Barrie, is putting toward resort enhancements over the next two years. Thrill-seekers and families alike can take part in a unique range of attractions, some of which are being introduced in Ontario or Canada for the first time.

“It’s a different kind of fun,” says Christine Jamieson of Skyline Boutique Hotels and Resorts, which owns Horseshoe.


One of the park's adrenaline-boosting attractions is the Zip Flyer, which at 2,050 feet is southern Ontario's longest zipline. Harnessed riders are propelled through the air, high above the Horseshoe grounds, at speeds of up to 45 km/h.

Those seeking a more grounded experience can check out the first fully operational zorb park in Canada. Zorbing is an activity in which participants get into a zorb ball — an orb of transparent plastic about three metres in diameter, cushioned by a layer of air — and then, simply, start to roll.

The adventure park features two types of zorbs: The harness zorb and the aqua zorb.

For putting enthusiasts, the park also offers ridgetop mini golf. The four-tiered course is built into the front of the tubing hill, adjacent to the Inn at Horseshoe and overlooking the Copeland Forest.

Other attractions at the park include a 32-foot climbing wall, a skate park, downhill mountain biking and summer tubing, a spin-off of Horseshoe's popular wintertime activity.

The park will have its grand opening on July 1.

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