We've all seen someone walking down the street wearing an amazing outfit, but couldn't build up the courage to ask where they bought it. Thankfully, we no longer have to lay awake at night thinking about it. Pose, a fashion app which was named the Apple Editor's Choice for app of the week during this fall's New York Fashion Week, is the answer to all your fashion-related prayers.

The app has evolved into an online fashion community that allows users to post "poses" of themselves that show what they're wearing and where other users can buy the items. "Posers" can look at other users and who they are following, which includes industry heavyweights like Rachel Zoe and Coco Rocha, as well as stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, which releases giveaways and promotions for Pose users.

The masterminds behind the popular app are Dustin Rosen and Alisa Gould-Simon. Gould-Simon says of the app: "[It's] a personalized fashion magazine that you can shop. ... We're very inspired by and committed to the idea that fashion is democratic and should be democratic."

The app has received consistent positive feedback from users. However, what really boosted its success was the shopping feature, which was launched during Fashion Week in September.

Gould-Simon says they are constantly enhancing features to keep up with the fast-paced industry, "We have a ton of growing to do, across the board. We're looking at taking the foundation we've built -- and not just adding to it, but making it better and cleaner and a more effective experience for the user."


Get connected

1. When you create your Pose account, you can connect to other social-networking sites to find friends.

2. Pose then walks you through a style quiz, which tells the app about the styles you’d like to see.

3 You can then launch into your own stream where you can find items your friends, other bloggers and stores have posted.

4. Then, you can explore the activity feed, the shop feed, the popular feed and your personal inbox to shop looks and see what’s new.