Australian-Canadian folk singer Xavier Rudd will be performing at the Edmonton Events Centre Wednesday June 2.


Rudd kicked off his new Koonyum Sun album tour with shows in Canada before heading off to Europe.


“The shows over here in Canada have just been really well-received everywhere we go.


"We are just very blessed. People seem to get pretty loose in Edmonton. I like that. I think there is some sugar in the air.”

After recently expanding into a trio, Rudd says the new members, which included bassist Tio Moloantoa, and percussionist Andile Nqubezelo, have been a positive asset to the band.

“I was ready for something new, and these guys sort of just came along outof the blue," Rudd said. "It has been the most amazing musical collaboration I’ve been involved with because of our friendship, our musical respect, andthe way we challenge each other.

“They are great musicians.”