Criminals who move to Vancouver in order to avoid arrest in other jurisdictions are being sent packing, the city’s police department confirmed yesterday.



The department estimates that 2,500 people in Vancouver are wanted in other jurisdictions on so-called "non-returnable warrants." Warrants are called non-returnable when the issuing department is not willing to pay return costs for prosecution.


"It’s something that has been going on for decades," said Const. Tim Fanning. "Police officers will check somebody and find out that they’re wanted in other parts of Canada for other offences, sometimes serious offences.

"The chief has taken the bull by the horns and wants to have people brought to justice who are trying to evade justice simply by moving 150 kilometres … It’s time to deal with it."

Fanning had no estimate on what such a program might cost, but did say the Vancouver Board of Trade was donating frequent flyer reward points. Money is also being raised through community fundraising and being looked at by the solicitor general, Fanning said.

"The public will never understand why somebody is wanted on a warrant and we’re not arresting them."