Before you hit the beach this summer, have a look at these gadgets to help your day.

Discovery Trekking Towel
It’s pretty hard to make towels sexy but Discovery Trekking are having a go. We tried the Ultralite a “wicking” towel that uses hi-tech fabric to pull the moisture from your skin where it spreads across the fibres rather than pooling like with a cotton towel allowing super-fast drying. We tried it and it works well. It’s also treated with an anti-bacterial agent so you can stuff it in your rucksack confident it will remain mould-free. Very lightweight, rolls up very small and also boasts sun protection between 15 and 40 SPF depending on color. (

Firebox Anti-tech fraud wallet
There’s a theme developing here — because, like the towels, this wallet doesn’t look too startling. But it has been designed t counter the growing menace of ‘RFID skimmers’. These crooks use hi-tech scanners to secretly probe your cards for personal details perhaps while you sit on the beach.

But this billfold has a built in Faraday’s Cage which blocks the scanner’s signal leaving your cards and data intact. Blocks low and high frequency skimmers. Oh and it’ll hold your cash too. (