Get ready to hunker down for 'messy' winter storm

If you’re reading this, it’s probably already too late.


If you’re reading this, it’s probably already too late.


You’re likely on your way to work, which means you’ll have to deal with one of those Nova Scotia storms where snow turns to rain, rain turns to freezing rain, and laughter turns to bitter cursing.


“It’s going to be messy more than bad,” CBC’s genial supper-hour weatherman, Peter Coade, told Metro News yesterday.


“What’s going to make it bad is the temperatures are going to be right around zero, minus one to zero. Ten-to-15 centimetres of snow doesn’t look out of the question.”

So in other words, this will likely be one of those storms that fluctuate between snow and rain, leaving a wet, heavy blanket covering everything?

“There’s a good chance of that, yep.”

But worse than that is that it’s predicted to start around midday and go into the evening. That’ll cause rush-hour delays, and likely some cancelled events in the evening, according to Coade.

“It’s just at a bad time. If it was to happen overnight, it wouldn’t be as bad,” he said.

It will also likely cause some new grey hairs to grow on Mayor Peter Kelly’s head.

The city recently burned all the way through its $16.2-million snow removal budget. But it’s not into deficit territory quite yet, thanks to $2.5 million in reserve funding.

But it does put HRM close to the edge, as a significant storm can cost between $750,000 and $1 million.

Any amount the city goes over budget will have to be cut from another department to avoid a deficit.

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