Donair Pizza

1022 Davie St. (between Hornby and Burrard streets)


Dine in or take out

Lunch for two, including tax, tip and drinks: $15

*** 1/2 (out of 5)


He may accompany me on many a fine dining dinner where the splurges are both financial and calorie-laden, but in his heart of hearts what truly makes my beau happy sometimes is simply a good donair. He has high standards built over many years of lunch donairs, dinner donairs, and post-drinking donairs, and so far, he hasn’t found anything in Vancouver to meet his exacting standards.


After a cryptic tip-off from a fellow donair aficionado, we set off on a search for a sandwich billboard sign on Davie Street advertising ‘Halifax style’ donairs. We wander into Donair Pizza, where the walls intricately painted with a donair-themed comic strip seem to only reinforce its status as a place for those in the know.


The restaurant’s name makes it blatantly obvious what the two main attractions are, but I’m pleasantly surprised by a killer deal for chicken or a lamb shank with rice and a hefty wedge of vinegar-marinated potato for just $6. The lamb braised in tomato sauce is tender and while it could use a touch more flavour, it’s still better than what I’ve eaten sometimes in fancy restaurants for three or four times the price.


And the donair? B+, says my best lad.

He likes how generously the pita has been filled with slices of slightly dry beef that’s been ground, shaped into a long cylinder, then roasted on an upright spit, as well as lettuce, tomato and tzatziki, but the heftiness of the portion actually works against it, since the sauce doesn’t evenly cover every bite. It’s a problem easily solved in the future by asking for extra sauce.