Here are 5 myths of Ireland’sfavourite drink



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Ruairi Twomey, director of beer for Diageo enjoys a slice of chocolate cake made with Guinness, along with a pint of the “black stuff.”


Irish Embassy Pub & Grill photo

Bartender Kelly McAlonem serves patron Kelly Gray a pint of Guinness at the Irish Embassy Pub & Grill earlier this week.

From Cuchulainn to Fionn MacCool to St. Patrick the snake whisperer himself, Ireland is a land of great myths.

So it should be no shock that the island’s most popular beer is also shrouded in myths.

Surely, you’ll hear a tall tale or two at whatever fine establishment you park in this weekend, and a few of them might be about this drink.

Suds asked Ruairi Twomey, director of beer for Diageo, Guinness’ parent company, about Guinness myths and he weighed in on the “things people might be surprised to know about Guinness.”

Jesus Murphy, Ruairi — let’s call them our top-five myths.

  1. Guinness is the drink that eats like a meal, and is high in calories: “It has fewer calories than the same amount of one-percent milk or orange juice.” With between 198 and 210 calories for a 20-oz. serving, it is also lower than Heineken’s 266, according to a calculation from calorie chart.

  2. (My addition) Guinness is a stronger beer: The assumption by many is that with more flavour comes more alcohol. But this stout has only about 4.2 per cent alcohol per volume. Most lagers are at five, and Heiney is at 5.4.

  3. It’s the Black Stuff: “It’s actually a deep, ruby red.”

  4. New Guinness brands will invade Canada soon, including Guinness Red (recently released in the U.K.): “From time to time we test innovative new offerings in different markets, but I can tell you that at this time there are no immediate plans to bring new Guinness brews to Canada in the short term.”

  5. (Mine again) Beer and chocolate never mix: Try a pint of this stuff with a slice of chocolate cake or even a handful of M&Ms. The toasty and coffee notes contrast beautifully with chocolate’s sweetness.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!