The Middelaer family’s fight for justice on behalf of their four-year-old daughter won’t end today when the woman convicted of hitting the girl while driving drunk is sentenced.

After campaigning for tougher drinking and driving sanctions, Laurel Middelaer — whose daughter Alexa was hit and killed by Carol Berner in 2008 — said she’s now focused on calling for stricter sentences.

“It’s not about vilifying Carol Berner,” said Middelaer yesterday. “We’re looking at the big picture, and what message do light sentences send?”

Crown is asking Berner be given two to five years in jail, a comparatively light sentence given that British Columbia’s new impaired driving laws are the toughest in Canada, said Middelaer.

She added that a new “zero tolerance” message isn’t in line with drunk driving sentences.

“We have new goals of 35 per cent reduction in fatality, so sentences handed down should be in alignment with that goal,” she said.

“We may not see results in our case but down the road we hope stronger messages are seen (in court).”