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Do you have any advice on meeting new people?

Dear sisters,

Do you have any advice on meeting new people? I’m a Chinese-born Canadian, living in Vancouver, and recently got out of a relationship several months ago. I just turned 26, and most of my friends’ are already dating or married. I met my last girlfriend at a party through mutual friends.

I’m ready to get back to finding someone special in my life. I’ve tried a couple speed-dating venues in Vancouver, however I noticed the demographics for the events attract a slightly older crowd. Other than joining a sports club, such as my dodgeball team, I’m somewhat at a loss on where to go to put myself out there. To complicate things a bit, I work in law enforcement, which affects my schedule. This caused some friction in my previous relationship, but there were more serious factors that led to the break up.

Love life under arrest

Andrea: Dear straight/employed/fit/moral guy,

I’ve made lifelong friendships and even had a date or two doing parkour and martial arts, but I didn’t just play and go home. The activities involved one-on-one teaching, and gave me ample opportunities to make friends.

Try to broaden your horizons and pick venues that require you to talk to people. You can try a socially-oriented gym or league, go to a coffee shop regularly and befriend the staff, and take classes like acting or coaching where you learn by interacting. Best of luck!

Claire: Dear LLUA,

Is it wrong that I think you have an advantage over the many 20-something twits out there — you have a good job, you can spell, and you’re ready to meet someone. Plus you come with handcuffs!

You’re well ahead of the average guy right there. Still, I think you should listen to my wise 20-something sis: go do something fun — learn to rock climb, go to concerts, spend time doing things you like or think you might like, and hang out afterwards if you feel like it. At worst you’ll learn a new skill, and at best you’ll meet new people. Good luck, and please keep us posted!

• Two sisters, 20-something Andrea and 30-something Claire, offer their differing views on your relationship issues.

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