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Getting benched ain’t so bad

Grace Bonney tells us how to turn a flea market find into a life-saving storage unit for your home

Rolling storage bench


• Old box (try thrift stores, craigslist, flea markets, and eBay for similar versions)

• Casters and mounting

• screws

• Screwdriver

• Measuring tape or ruler

• Sturdy, midweight plywood (for your lid)

• Saw (if you choose to cut your own lid)

• Sandpaper

• Foam (use two-inch foam at least, to create a comfy seat)

• Box cutter or electric knife

• Batting

• Scissors

• Fabric

• Staple gun and staples

• Hinges (optional)

1. Flip your box upside down and attach casters to the four corners. Use screws that are short enough that they don’t come through to the interior of the box.

2. Flip the box upright and measure from edge to edge for your box top. Cut your plywood box top to fit, and sand the edges.

3. Lay your foam on the floor and place the box lid on top. Trace around the edges of the plywood lid and cut the foam to size with a utility knife or electric knife.

4. Repeat step 3 with the batting, leaving a three-inch border of batting on all sides so you can pull it over the foam and staple it to the back of the plywood lid. Repeat the process with your fabric.

5. With the fabric facedown on the floor, centre the batting and then the foam on top. Place the wooden lid on top of these three layers and pull the batting and fabric over the edges of the lid, using a staple gun to secure them. Work your way around the edges of the lid, pulling the fabric taut and stapling as you go.

6. Once you’ve finished stapling, cut off any excess fabric. If you want a more polished look for the underside of the box lid, cut a piece of fabric one inch smaller (on all sides) than the lid and staple this in place.

7. If you have children, or would like to ensure that your lid is secure, you can install safety hinges, which will keep the top from sliding or slamming down on small fingers.

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