Although it’s the world’s second most popular sport, cricket has taken some time to find a home in North America.

But here in Toronto, it’s getting a boost thanks to a group of students and a community initiative.

Cricket Across The Pond started in 2008 and has sent 38 young Torontonians to England over the past two years.

Parth Raval, a Ryerson student and cricket enthusiast, was part of a group of students that went to London in August to take part in cricket training, learn leadership skills and tour the sport’s home — historic Lord’s cricket grounds.

“We were there to represent Toronto and get cricket and media training,” Raval said. “It was about representing ourselves.”

Raval, who has spoken to youth in his community about the benefits of cricket, said the best part of the trip was picking up life skills. He said the group of students became tight during the trip.

“I knew some of the others, but most of them I met there, they’re great to know,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity I’m getting.”