Here’s a closer look at one of many points of contention that have recently arisen during the Toronto mayoral race.

Claim: Rob Ford said residents were hit with a five per cent property tax hike. Joe Pantalone said the increase was actually 2.9 per cent.

The background: During a mayoral debate on TVO, Rob Ford told host Steve Paikin “the residents of this city have been hit with a property tax increase of five per cent every year.”

Pantalone shot back: “He gets the facts wrong … It was 2.9 per cent overall.”

The smell test: When the city announced it had reached a balanced budget in February, a four per cent residential tax hike was expected as part of the funding strategy.

Less than one month later, Mayor David Miller announced a surprise $100-million budget windfall and the city pared the residential property tax to 2.9 per cent.

Verdict: Pantalone’s claim is fragrant. Ford’s claim is foul.