It was the first day of school yesterday for the students at Greenfield Elementary, and helping them cross the street was the school’s crossing guard patrol, under the watchful eye of EPS and AMA educators.

“Point. Pause. Proceed. That’s the message I want to highlight this year,” said AMA school safety patrol co-ordinator Elecia Grange. “It’s important for pedestrians to let drivers know what they want to do.”

The number of crossing guards at each crosswalk impressed parents walking their kids to school. With Harry Ainlay High School close by, one parent noted the number of high school students that drive through the neighbourhood.

“It’s a pretty busy street,” said Colette Shannon, a parent of a student at Greenwood. “It would be great if they lowered the speed limit permanently.”

The crossing guards seemed to be enjoying their duties. Among three students minding one intersection, Kendall Brookes, a sixth-grade student at Greenfield, wore a serious expression as she monitored traffic and paused vehicles for pedestrians. But she had a different message for her fellow guards.

“Make sure you are having fun,” Brookes said.

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