Riding the trails on an all-terrain vehicle is a great way to spend a summer day. But plowing through some of Canada’s bumpiest and messiest ATV trails can take a toll on the machine.


Regular tune-ups and fixes can add up so it's crucial to take proper care of the four-wheeler.
A proper clean after each use will expand your machine’s lifespan, so after each ride close off the exhaust and air box and clean the ATV.


Check the oil regularly — the oil level should never be above the maximum or below the minimum mark on the dipstick.


Fill up with oil when necessary. Always clean and lubricate the drive chain before each ride to save on repair costs down the line.


To prevent engine damage, make sure the foam air filter is clean and lubricated. A wide variety of performance parts, ATVs and other recreational equipment is available at www.giomotors.com and can be purchased through an easy online auction.

Another useful tip is learning how to read spark plug colours. This will tell whether the engine is working properly and help to catch problems before they cause serious damage to the engine.
Check the tire pressure regularly to ensure the ATV is driving and breaking in a straight line.

Finally, use proper rust-proofing methods to keep the machine in great shape, as rust significantly reduces the ATV's structural strength.

Apart from maintenance issues, there are several safety factors that one needs to keep in mind.
An ATV can be a dangerous machine if not handled with appropriate cautionary measures. Always wear a properly fitted helmet that meets all safety requirements. Dress for the sport, the weather and the terrain.

A wide variety of safety gear, lifestyle recreational equipment and vehicles is available through an easy online auction at giomotors.com or at one of GIO’s 145 dealers across the country. Before each ride, check that all functions and features are in proper working order. Examine the engine, breaks, lights and tires regularly. Make sure the ATV fits the rider.

Don’t let young children ride an ATV that is too large or too heavy as it may result in serious injury.

Local regulations and bylaws regarding ATV usage may vary, so get familiar with those pertaining to a specific destination.

Last but not least, never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. An ATV is a motor vehicle like any other and should be treated that way.