Summer is around the corner and what better time to indulge
in some delectable eats while bonding with a great companion, enjoying the
great outdoors and having the time of your life. You don't need a holiday to
get it. Vancouver
has a host of courses that can see you getting the best of this summer.



Cuisine/Cooking Courses


Whether it is decorative cakes, sushi, pies or crepes, you
can have your cake and eat it too with a series of courses being offered by the
Continuing International Education at the Vancouver School Board.

The courses begin in July and prices range from $42 to $124. You can choose one
or many.

Courses are taught by Chef Chop Chop, a culinary genius from France, among others.

"The courses are for those who want to know the ABCs of cooking,"
said program director, Navia Zotta.

"Everyone gets to sample what they create and the
classes include all the materials you need," she added.

>> For more, visit or call
604-713-4550 to register.

Puppy Socialization Classes

A great companion is a necessity. So if the family pet is
less than social, it might be time to partake in some socialization skills at
Rocket Dog Training, which takes place in Kitsilano and at the Riley Community

"Classes teach you how to socialize your puppy to be comfortable
around strangers, both in dog and human form," says Rocket Dog trainer
Sarah Giammarino.

Giammarino said the class will rid puppies of bad behaviours
like barking, unwanted jumping and chewing.

The puppy socialization class is just one of many at Rocket
Dog that prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

>> For more information, visit
or contact a trainer at 604-723-728.

The Wilderness Leadership Program

Whether it's trekking up the mountains or keeping afloat in
the water rapids, the Wilderness Leadership Program at Capilano College
will challenge you both mentally and physically.

The program is an intensive, five-month certificate program
based in Squamish. It's designed to give you the survival and leadership skills
to both conquer and enjoy the wild.

Beginning in August, the program aims to mentally and
physically challenge the students.

"It's a course based around self-development and pushing your own
limits," said Roy Jantzen, the Program Manager.

Upon completion, students will be certified to become guides
in recreation, kayaking, eco-tourism and more.

Tuition costs $6,800-$7,400.

>> For more information, visit
or contact 604-986-1911, ext. 5800.

Vancouver Circus School

The Vancouver
Circus School
is offering the chance for both kids and adults to get physical while having
fun in a variety of summer camps.

Whether it is jumping on trampolines, swinging on the
trapeze, juggling, or riding the unicycle that tickles your fancy, students
will have a go at it all.

>> Classes are held at White Rock Gymnastics from Aug.
5–8. You can e-mail
or call 604-542-0386.

>> New Westminster
classes take place on July 28– Aug. 1 and Aug. 11–15. For more information
about these classes, contact Valerie Johnson at 604-777-5124.