Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz has a dream that one day people will be able to travel on and off his province without having to pay a tollbooth.

During a passionate plea this week for a long-term funding agreement for Northumberland Ferries Ltd., which connects P.E.I. to Nova Scotia, the Island premier said his province is not being treated fairly.

He said if a resident wants to drive between Saskatchewan and Alberta, for example, he or she doesn’t have to pay. But, Ghiz said, if Canadians want to travel to the Birthplace of Confederation, they have to shell out anywhere from $42.50 to travel across the Confederation Bridge to $69 to use ferry service.

“We should be getting more than what we’re getting if we’re treated like an equal partner in Confederation,” Ghiz said.

“We’re asking to subsidize something so we can pay money to travel to another province. Do the people of Ontario ask for that? No. They can just drive to another province.”

The non-binding motion that passed unanimously is calling on the P.E.I. government to continue to pursue a long-term funding agreement with the federal government to keep the ferry service alive.

Ghiz said free travel to and from P.E.I. would not only benefit Islanders but the rest of Canada because more than one million people travel to the Island every year.