It’s been a heavenly post-season for the New York Giants — what with their upset victories in Dallas and in Green Bay and with their qualification for Sunday’s Super Bowl against the New England Patriots — but it’s been rather hellish for their ex-superstar.

Tiki Barber, perceived generally as the Giants’ top player during the past decade, is being portrayed this week as a selfish chap who adversely affected his former mates.

“Tiki was all about Tiki,” began a quote attributed to a “key Giants player,” published at in a piece by the website’s national sports columnist Mike Freeman. “If he was still on the team, we wouldn’t be here. Trust me on that. It would be a different locker room … It’s not a coincidence that he’s gone and we’re here. You’re a fool if you think it is.”


Me-ki Barber, as Freeman called him, ended his career as a running back after last season to try broadcasting, and he didn’t leave the Giants without taking some parting shots at coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning. He questioned their leadership and abilities.

Privately, Freeman reported, the Giants believe both Coughlin and Manning have been more successful this season because Barber wasn’t around to second-guess them.

•The NFL’s Buffalo Bills, in reality, plan to gouge Torontonians with inflated ticket prices for a package of five games (plus three exhibition games) at the Rogers Centre during the next five seasons. The plan is to charge an average of $250 a ticket, which is, frankly, insulting.

This won’t be the first time a Buffalo franchise will look to Toronto for additional income. The Buffalo Braves, who toiled in the NBA from 1970 through 1978 before becoming the Los Angeles Clippers, played occasionally at Maple Leaf Gardens.

•Sportscasting stuff: Kudos to Citytv’s Kathryn Humphries, gutsy enough to suggest on the air this week that the Raptors’ Sam Mitchell was “outcoached” in a Toronto loss … Blue Jays voice Jerry Howarth is looking forward to spring training this month after spending his off-season coaching a kids’ high-school team that has gone — brace yourself — 0-18 … The Fan 590 radio station in Toronto features a terrific afternoon show these days when Doug Farraway and Barb DiGiulio hook up and occupy hours ordinarily set aside for Chuck Swirsky … The innovative College of Sports Media, managed by ex-TSN and Sportsnet anchor Jim Van Horne, is up and running and also preparing for future semesters. Visit www.collegeofsportsmedia.comfor details.

•And check out www.metronews.cafor my latest NHL Report.

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