As always, Leonor Mongoy Soto got home from school, did her homework and waited for her mom to get home from work.

“I waited for her, but she never came back,” recalled the 16-year-old girl. Ever since their refugee claim was rejected in 2008, she and her mother, Yolanda Soto Jurando, had been on the move every six months to avoid immigration enforcement.

That evening her mother called from the Rexdale detention centre, telling her daughter to leave the apartment immediately and move in with a family friend.

Soto, a hotel cleaner from Mexico, had been picked up at dawn at a friend’s house as she waited for a ride to a job site in Brampton. Ten days later, she was gone, deported back to Mexico and leaving Mongoy on her own.

Since her mother’s April 21 arrest, the teenager has been couch surfing while her mother tries to flee back to Canada. She originally fled from an alleged sexual predator. Mongoy returned to school this fall but said she cannot do anything outside of school or her friends’ homes, fearing she, too, will get caught.