On the morning of Aug. 21, Ottawa resident Jeff Newman and his 12-year-old daughter Laura are going for a little bike ride.

Along with eight other riders who make up the eastern Ontario team of Cyclebetes National Bike Relay, the Newmans will spend three days riding 960 kilometres from Ottawa to Mississauga, then up to Tobermory.

To make the trip, pairs of riders rotate riding a tandem bike, nicknamed Dia-Betsy.

The relay is a fundraising initiative for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Canada.

Since Laura has Type 1 diabetes, she has to be very careful about her blood sugar levels, said Newman. That means she’ll have to eat more carbohydrates and test her blood much more frequently during the ride to make sure it doesn’t go low.

“It’s something that you just never really get a rest from,” said Newman.