A Toronto girl died at the Hospital for Sick Children yesterday, less than a day after her father died trying to save her and her younger sister from a house fire Sunday.

Britney Einboden, 12, died from massive injuries. A family friend said the nurses at the hospital tried to comfort the young girl in her final hours by braiding her hair.

“Now she’s in heaven,” said family friend Richard Leftley, who broke into tears as he spoke about the tragedy. “She’s going to be missed greatly.”

With the death of her eldest daughter and her husband, Britney’s mother Jackie, 40, is left to care for her baby Kendra.

Britney’s father, Ken Einboden, 44, died while trying to save his daughters from the blaze that destroyed the family home. He “could have saved himself, but he went upstairs to find his daughter,” said Toronto Fire acting platoon Chief Greg Milani.

Leftley spoke of his long-time friend’s bravery. “Ken gave his last breath to save his daughter,” he said.

Jackie has been left penniless, Leftley said. “The clothes that they have on their backs right now are all that they have to their name.”

He urged the public to drop off any baby clothes and diapers for the family at the information desk at the Hospital for Sick Children.

The fire started just before 3 p.m. in the kitchen of the home on Kemp Square, a quiet cul-de-sac near Jane Street and Lawrence Avenue, and quickly spread.

Ken, Britney and Kendra were in the house along with a friend of Ken’s, who was visiting. The girls’ mother, Jackie, was not home.