A young girl and her mother ended up in hospital after they were bitten trying to break up a fight between a pit bull and another dog.

The mother received stitches at Ridge Meadows Hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

“(The) pit bull was mistakenly let out of the house it was in,” RCMP Cpl. A.L. Dunlop said, adding the animal then got into a fight with another dog.

“That ended when a young girl and her mother came out and tried to stop the dog fight, and the pit bull bit both people,” Dunlop said. “The pit bull was then secured, while the other dog left the area.”

The owner of the pit bull was not at the scene of the incident.

While police are not pressing charges, the matter has been referred to the Maple Ridge bylaws department and the local S.P.C.A.

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