A Good Friday hike went awry for two girls around 11 years old when they landed waist deep in ravine mud.

The incident happened in a ravine near the Don Valley Pkwy and Eglinton Ave. E. The pair were discovered shortly before noon.

two were hiking in a ravine near their homes and when they attempted to
climb back up, the spring runoff caused them to get caught in mud.


said a passerby alerted a nearby police officer about the children.
Firefighters were called in as well as EMS as a precaution.

Firefighter Chris Tessaro said he went down about 100 feet on a rope to rescue the girls.

he reached them he said they were, "A bit concerned they were going to
be in trouble for getting stuck," and were apologizing.

Tessaro added with a smile that they were happy to help, and no one got in trouble.

While he brought up the first girl the second sunk further, moving from knee deep to waist deep.

Ryan, a paramedic who checked one of the girls, said he was told they,
"were on a hiking expedition, as they normally do, and when they
attempted to go up the hill (they got stuck)."

"She was quite embarrassed . . . she didn't expect to be in the newspaper," he said.

About an hour after emergency teams arrived the two were back at home.

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