Girls from all the G20 countries are gathering in Toronto this week for the first G(irls)20 Summit to show what the world would be like if they were in charge.

The summit is part of an international campaign called 3.3 Billion Ways, which is led by the Belinda Stronach Foundation. Metro Canada asked participants about how they think the world’s greatest challenges can best be solved.

Here's Nomathemba Sibanyoni, 19, of South Africa.

Q- What do you believe are the biggest challenges for women and girls in your country?

A-Teenage pregnancy under poverty conditions. Leaders can encourage and assure the enhancement, availability and implementation of educational workshops and campaigns especially targeting disadvantaged areas like rural areas and farms.

Q- What do you do to help the lives of girls and women in your community, your country?

A- I engage myself in various social empowerment projects, including writing and presenting poems and speeches in issues related to women, I become their voices of hope by also promoting education.

Q- How do you think we can improve maternal health worldwide?

A- I believe that certain diseases are preventable, provided people know the necessary precautions that have to be taken. In a global sense, maternal health can be prevented and cured by raising health awareness campaigns, that mainly focus on teaching people especially women about all issues related to it.

Q- How can we eradicate extreme poverty and hunger worldwide?

A- Agriculture and proper land management is the best possible solution that can be implemented and be moderated for communities who are attacked by extreme poverty and hunger.

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