It was Calgary’s economic hub, if only for two days.

With women making 85 per cent of society’s purchasing decisions, the 26th annual Calgary Women’s Show was a booming success as it wrapped up Sunday, expecting to break attendance records for the third consecutive year, said director of operations Karen Cooke, as thousands of women and tag-along boyfriends and husbands flocked through the Roundup Centre doors.

“It has been a fabulous show and it just keeps growing,” Cooke said. “Businesses are really starting to realize the enormous purchasing power of women and I think this show really speaks to that.”


“We’ve sort of come to realize women want to have fun when they come here,” Cooke said. “We used to do some seminars and more serious types of things, like that, and we found that on the weekend, women have so many serious issues to deal with all week, when the weekend comes around the want to have fun.”


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