A little attention can deflate stress



Motorists rank tires an important safety feature, research says.


With the steadily improving weather and increased driving that accompanies it, it’s time to show you care ... about your tires.


Recent research reveals that motorists rank tires as the second-most important safety feature in vehicles next to brakes, yet only a third of drivers properly check their tire inflation pressure.

Improper air pressure in tires can lead to a multitude of problems — from uneven and accelerated tire tread wear, to structural damage in a tire.

With temperatures climbing and vacation travel around the corner, the attention given to the care and maintenance of your tires should be heightened.

Checking tires for proper inflation and tread condition is one of the most critical — and easiest — maintenance procedures for a consumer.

It doesn’t take much time or sophisticated equipment. You can check the tires yourself, or any major auto retail outlet would be happy to provide the service.

According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), not only do most drivers ignore their tires, most simply do not know enough about how to care for the tires correctly.

The survey found about two out of three drivers don’t even know where to find the recommended proper tire inflation pressure for their vehicles’ tires.

It’s important to check tire inflation pressures monthly or before a long trip.

Your tires should be inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations (printed on the vehicle door placard or in the owner’s manual), not the maximum limit stamped on a tire sidewall.