Infuse a dose of summer into your home by decorating with the fresh and colourful motif of the outdoors.

Using floral prints can be intimidating for some but coordinating floral accessories with existing colour schemes can add a breath of fresh summer air to a space.

“Florals add colour, they add a very fresh summery vibe to any room,” says Jackie Glass of Jacqueline Glass & Associates, an interior design company based in Mississauga. “Adding a beautiful flower pillow can definitely warm up a space. It’s really the same as a beautiful piece of artwork.”


Choose a coordinating solid colour by matching it to the background colour of the floral print. Or pair different prints by matching the background colours of each piece — just remember not to overuse these patterns.

“In any room you want curvilinear and rectilinear shapes. Lines and curves in a room create balance from a design perspective. (Florals) soften a more austere interior. Adding a little bit of curve, say in a floral pillow, adds balance … and the room works.”

Decorating with florals does add a certain touch of femininity, that might be too much for some.

“A lot of women say my husband doesn’t want florals. It’s a pretty look. I don’t think a guy is going to buy a floral pillow.”

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