Pet lovers of all ages crowded into a southeast building yesterday to visit with more than 100 pets seeking new homes.

BowDog, a local canine specialist group, hosted nine animal rescue organizations and their furry friends for the multi-rescue adopt-a-thon event. Representatives were on hand to assist attendees and introduce some of the pets in need of a little love and care.

“This time of year is really challenging for all of the rescue groups,” said BowDog owner Hailey Seidel.

“Some foster homes have seven or eight dogs or puppies or litters and they’re trying to get (pets) off the streets when it’s really cold. So, they’re faced with higher medical bills, because the ones they rescue have frostbite and higher medical bills.”

Seidel recommended potential adopters try their hand at part-time foster parenting first to find a pet that suits their lifestyle and make sure they’re ready for the commitment. Individuals attending yesterday’s event were welcomed to offer whatever time they could to assist with foster care for the event.

However, others like Natalie Burkholder, who brought the whole family along, were on the hunt for a new canine companion to adopt.

“It’s great,” she said, noticing her five-year-old son Roan’s eagerness to see the animals.

“He’s really excited to see the cats,” she added with a laugh.

John Paterson, who also attended the adopt-a-thon, said the social benefits for pets and owners alike made the event worthwhile.

“This is my very first one,” he said. “It’s a learning experience for all of us.”

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