Thanksgiving isn’t quite what it used to be.

At least that’s the consensus among members of the older generation, who remember when most things were closed Thanksgiving Monday.

Lately, they say, it seems the day has become more commercial.

“When we were kids I don’t think we even left the house,” observed Jillian McCord, 43.

“We spent time at home with family and cooking and eating. But now it seems like everything is open.”

Teens Rachel Latouche and Chelsea Anderson spent the day shopping at Southcentre and said their families were either “working or shopping somewhere else.”

“We already did the dinner thing Sunday and we will have leftovers later but we all wanted to come out and enjoy the day,” Anderson said.

“I didn’t think it would be as busy as it is.”

While 17th Avenue wasn’t as busy as the malls, many stores remained opened Thanksgiving, including jeans store Unlimited Blue.

“It’s been okay, not as busy as other holiday Mondays,” said owner Richard Pearlman.

“But I wanted to be open for the people who do want to go out shopping on Thanksgiving.”

He added the rush would slow down by dinnertime.