Thousands of Calgarians will be participating in Lent starting today, and some are giving up some non-traditional vices.

Leah Nogue said she’s never given up anything for Lent before, but she’s decided to forego beloved sleep.

“I decided just to wake up at 5 a.m. every morning and spend more time with God in the mornings,” she said.

Not a morning person at all, Nogue said she hopes it lasts past the required 40 days and inspires her to wake up early and go for a run in the mornings.

“That’s another thing I wanted to do: put more time into exercising,” she said, adding that she wanted to do something that really challenged her rather than do something like give up junk food.

Across the world, brave tech-lovers are abstaining from the popular Facebook until March 23.

Over 350 groups have surfaced with some members deciding to join even for non-religious purposes.

One group suggests picking up new hobbies, becoming politically active, “or any number of the other possible enriching activities in your life” that Facebook might get in the way of.

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